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278Paxos, Antipaxos and the Blue Caves is a full day cruise.
We offer you the opportunity to visit three wonderful places. The beautiful island of Paxos with her picturesque natural port of Gaios, the famous and the breathtaking Blue Caves and Antipaxos lying in crystal waters.
We take you from your resort (Arillas, Ag. Stefanos, Sidari, Roda, Acharavi, Kassiopi, Ipsos, Dassia) to the harbour of departure close to Corfu Town with our a/con coaches. As we sail south , we see the village of Kavos and the cape of Asprokavos which is the southern-most point of Corfu. After a relaxing cruise we approach Paxos. Legend has it that Poseidon created this idyllic island for his love Amphitrite by slicing off the southern tip of Corfu! Gaios is a pretty Venetian port with two tiny islands in its entrance and the capital village of Paxos. Here you will see attractive lanes with charming traditional houses, little orthodox churches and seafront tavernas. A super trip is also made to the famous and breathtaking Blue Caves, and a chance to swim from the boat into the crystal clear blue water of Antipaxos is our final destination.
This cruise will certainly be an unforgettable one!

Price per person: 30 €,
Children uder 3 y.o.FREE,
Children uder 11 y.o.40% discount



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